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30 Day Clarity, Confidence & Calling
Deep 5D Immersion

 For emerging lightworkers, healers, and mystics who are ready to fully heed the call of their soul with limitless passion and masterful focus.

This is your solution if you are
yearning to develop your intuitive powers, cultivate and master your craft, and get crystalline clarity around your highest calling so that you can begin to design an intentional and lucrative online business that honors your soul

but you are not sure where to begin, if you're really onto something or it's just a pipe dream,
or if you can really pull off this whole lightworker spiritual entrepreneur thing anyway...

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I'm Daphna, and I get it. 

I was in the same exact place as you not so long ago. I was feeling lost, confused, scattered - kind of like I washed up ashore after a shipwreck. But above all, I felt a deep calling inside of me that would not let me rest. I was working jobs that literally sucked my soul, living a dual life between the part of me that was a healer, an astrologer, and a lightworker, and the practical me that had to play by the rules and make ends meet. Yet I always felt I was meant to do something big, something different, something totally outside of the box. I just had no idea what my special gift was, or who in the world would be interested in what I had to say.

It took me years of devoted study, thousands of dollars invested in coaches, and so much deep inner work to get to the point I am at today. But it was all worth it because I finally feel like I'm not lost, I'm FOUND! And the best thing I did was to seek out womyn who were doing what I wanted to do deep down and learn from them, listen and observe them, walk with them awhile. We all need someone who understands us on many levels to help us see our own potential. It's the way this whole spiritual growth thing works. As above, so below, as within, so without. I believe in you more than you know, and you ARE onto something big. I know that on the other side of confusion is crystalline clarity, and you too can change your life completely when you decide to crown yourself. 


Chief transformations of the Crystalline Queen Immersion: 

☽ Crystalline clarity around your soul calling: why the F* you're here, who you're here to serve, and how to share your sacred gifts in alignment with your vision, passions, and desires. No more nagging self-doubt about your skills or feeling like a fraud, and definitely no more hunts for random jobs that don't light you up. 

☽ Full out LIBERATION from the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are standing in your way, including karmic baggage! You're so over that little voice inside your head constantly sabotaging you and keeping you playing small. Seriously! It's time to rise and it begins within you. Yassss khaleesi! 

☽ Supreme confidence in your gifts and your powers that will carry you onwards and upwards from here on out as you build a business that lights you up and sustains you as you continue to evolve and grow. There's something intensely powerful in knowing that you are here for a purpose and NO ONE and NOTHING can get in your way. This is where the magic happens. 

☽ A tangible, practical holistic strategy for the next 3 months of your journey (mind, body, soul) as you begin to step into THE role of your lifetime: that of divine service. You don't need to figure it all out on your own, sistar. I'm going to give you all the secrets I wish I had known when I was an entrepreneurial virgin so you don't have to waste any time, money, or energy on anything that will distract you from your mission. There's so much information out there, but you only need to focus on a few key things to get where you want to be. 

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The Process 

3 x 60 minute phone sessions + Intensive 3 hour distance healing + unlimited e-support via Voxer + 1 x 45 minute follow up call

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We will journey deep into your passions, desires, fears, hopes, dreams, and energetic life patterns to unearth your BIG vision. Through shadow and light, we will call in your spirit guides and ancestral crew as well as rally the animal, plant, and mineral allies that are here to support you. This session is all about letting your truth shine wildly, honing in on what you truly desire (because let's be honest, sometimes we don't even freakin know that ourselves), and begin shifting your vibration from lost to FOUND. 

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In this magical, unforgettable session, I will channel the deeper messages and gems within your astrological birth chart to illuminate your inherent gifts, powers, and calling. Clients usually leave these sessions feeling a sense of ecstatic validation from the Universe and a renewed sense of self-love. A cosmic techno party inside your soul. 

BONUS: ONE OF A KIND, HAND-PAINTED BIRTH CHART custom painted by my in house artist for you based on the symbols, archetypes, and themes of your birth chart will be provided for you to cherish forever as a sacred reminder of your divine powers and your cosmic bloodline. My royal gift to you. 



Let's take all those brilliant ideas whirling around your head and ground them into the earthly plane. This week we will be grounding all the new energy, teachings, breakthroughs, and shifts into a holistic strategy for your next steps over the next 3 months as you prepare to step into the role of healer/lightworker and serve your tribe in your fullest presence ever. 



Powerful unicorn + dragon reiki aura clearing + dolphin protection, chakra alignment and activation, and your cosmic crystal grid.
This session is the cosmic cherry on top of our journey together, when we work with my spirit guides and yours to dial in all of the new upgrades you've made, clear out all the old energy that no longer serves your highest good, and align your energy system for the next amazing phase of your life. This will be a remote session (not a live meeting). 

>>You get daily e-support via our private client portal and Voxer/messenger

>>2 follow up 45 minute calls, on your time. 

After completing CRYSTALLINE QUEEN, you will: 

✔ Know exactly what your dream business will look, feel, and be like (the first and most important step in manifesting it!) 

✔ Have a solid grasp on your unique skills and gifts as a lightworker and how to wield them for sacred money making in your soon to be business

✔ Be free of fears, doubts, and shame surrounding your path as a healer/lightworker/priestess/spiritual leader

✔ Be energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally aligned and primed to step into your role as a wealthy, lit up, and respected lightworker

✔ Have a clear, actionable, and practical plan for starting your business over the next 3 months

If you are done with running around in circles. Calling out to God in the night for a sign, any sign, about what you're meant to be doing. Looking around and not seeing what you truly want for your one and only precious life. Silencing the DRAGONESS within day after day, until a better time comes around....

NOW IS YOUR time to crown yourself CRYSTALLINE QUEEN. 


Pay in full: $1,997 {Save $525}
Payment plan: Payment one $1261 and 2 weeks later an additional $1261.

To book this package, please complete this form so we can make sure we are a vibrational match. 

I'm Ready to Rise




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An offering for established spiritual entrepreneurs who are struggling to find their true place in the realm of online healership.

We will work together to solidify your niche, ideal client, and your mission and build out fully aligned offerings and branding that lights you up and sets you free. 

Monthly 60-minute meetup via zoom to create a soul aligned brand strategy: Each month we will tune into your business' standing and choose a focus from below, or spend equal time on each key area for a 5D overview.  

  • Content planning: brainstorming meaningful and captivating content to drive traffic and engagement using 4 types of content, creating a content bank and editorial calendar, strategically designing content to drive sacred sales and lasting connections. 
  • Brand awareness: establishing consistency through intentional on brand messaging and imagery, PR strategy, email marketing plan, creating a beautiful and efficient customer service experience.  
  • Connection & tribe building: attracting your ideal clients through market research, prayer, and mantras, and networking with heart and soul. Working through blockages and inviting in new clients, while maintaining relationships with past clients. 
  • Product & service development & promotion: aligning your services and products with your bigger vision, mapping out and creating sales pages and designing intentional and magnetic product positioning. 

☽ Weekly brand building action plan aligned with the moon cycle detailing exact steps to implement your soul aligned brand strategy

☽ Stock photo curation for the month (10 branded stock photos)

☽ Free membership in the Exalted Entrepreneur monthly includes monthly group workshops and lunation rituals as well as the Starry Eyed Herbalist quarterly and monthly zodiac lookbook resource guide.

BONUS: I will also create a sacred altar just for your business where I send positive energy through prayer and celtic reiki throughout the month. 

Investment: $997/month (3 months minimum)

Spaces are limited! Let's have a quick chat to make sure that ASTRAL ROSE is the best fit for you right now. Book a free no obligation call here: 

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An intensive offering for seasoned spiritual entrepreneurs who are looking to uplevel to cosmic heights through the power of astrological timing and cosmic priestesshood. We will work together to align your business dealings with the cosmic flow, unlocking vortexes of potential and power that were once only reserved for royalty. 

Coming soon.>>