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The monthly planner for free spirited folks that teaches you how to love yourself and nourish your life by living in tune with nature.  

Are you looking to evolve consciously with the rhythms of nature in your daily life?

You'll love my intuitive monthly planner, Cosmic Rhythms, elevating your inbox every new moon.

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You'll enter a realm of magic and lore, filled with:

  • Secrets of the upcoming zodiac sign and how to apply its healing lessons and gifts to your life.
  • Celestial events and how to tap into the current energies for soul nourishment, life clarity, and wholeness.
  • Eclectic resources for living a natural life with spiritually infused recipes, hands on herbal medicine, flower essence and crystal healing.

You'll learn how to align with the natural energy of the month ahead with deep, down-to-earth techniques and activities designed to nurture your intuition and inner light.

I've discovered the life-altering magic of astrological awareness and self-knowledge through years of study and practice. Now, I'm heeding my calling and I want to share it all with you.


Hi! I'm Daphna Romanoff. I am an Indigo, intuitive herbalist, astrologer, and mother living with my soulmate and our two crystal children in our tiny dream castle in New York. I've been practicing and learning about cosmic consciousness and natural wellness for the past 12 years. I have been offering handmade herbal products and astrological herbal consultations since 2010.

I'm here to decode the complex language of astrology and teach you how to take ownership of your unique strengths and gifts through it. My ultimate passion is empowering unconventional, free spirited people to live confidently and consciously through true self-knowledge and self-love.

Start aligning with the stars right here & right now.

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