5-D experience

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The Soul Couture Brand Experience is a deep dive into all that you are as a Creatrix, CEO, and powerful woman in business in the new age. 

The Soul Couture Brand Experience is a holistic, energetic approach to strategizing and implementing a brand that reflects your business' values, vibrations, and vitality. 

This is a journey of radical self-expression, self-love, and self-discovery that plunges into the depths of your soul to excavate the treasures within you that will make your brand a six to seven figure well-oiled machine (with a heartbeat and a soul). 

Through this process, you will shed the layers of doubt, fear, and guilt that you bear as a woman in the 21st century and remove the veil of patriarchal control to reveal your innate divine feminine warrior power, your fierce Creatrix embodiment, and your original, imitation-proof soul-print.

This is all eloquently translated into your Soul Couture Brand through the visual aesthetics, symbolism, brand voice, and wise woman intuitive and fearless marketing strategy. 

The secret to a brand that generates abundant income, instigates meaningful change in the world, and enthrones you as the Queen of your own realm, is ownership of your personal power.

This is the driving force and the raison d'etre of the Soul Couture Brand Experience. It is your birth right to be seen, heard, and adored as you are - in all your wild, creative, unique, and irreplaceable glory. 

Through this original and revolutionary process, you will move from brand fog, confusion and scattered energy to a place of focus, magic, and deep connection to yourself and your ideal client using unconventional and strategic as fuck tools that bridge the body and the soul of your business - a radical new age approach to business. 


The SCBE will rock the boat, shake things up, and set you free as you bring all the components of your business into one cohesive, head turning brand that is haute couture: custom tailored to you and absolutely electrifying. 

  • Be crystal clear on your ideal soul client once and for all (if you don't know what she's googling at 3 a.m. and how she likes her coffee, you're not there yet). 

  • Be unshakeably confident in your calling and fiercely articulate in your raison d'etre.  

  • Be at home in your brand, effortlessly speaking your truth and beaming your vision with power and grace. 

  • Be empowered to lead through a framework that is built to bring in millions with your sacred intentions at the core. 

  • Be nourished on all dimensions of your being as you express your whole self through a brand you adore.

  • Be at peace with your brand knowing that it is naturally attracting the exact clients and energies that you desire to make your business and life majestic on your own terms.


“Daphna has an intuitive ability like nothing I’ve ever really seen before in the way she brings in cosmic divine awareness and insight, feminine wisdom and branding to help you to take your power and your business to the next level as you learn to own your voice like never before.”

Business Strategist and
High Priestess, Ingrid Arna





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