Confidence and Potency Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs Who Rule


The Exalted Sistars Inner Circle is a
private monthly immersive
for tapping into the power of the stars
for your business
through intuitive astrology.

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The Exalted Sistar Inner Circle is a vortex for free thinking, truth seeking, creative and sensitive women who are ready to activate their full powers and call in unlimited wealth, bliss, sistarhood, and love. 

This is a radically unique membership that flows harmoniously through the cycle of the zodiac as a guide to illuminating and activating our innate magic and brilliance. 

☽ Creativity is unleashed

as we tune into the cosmic flow through the monthly zodiac teachings and connect on a heart level sistar-to-sistar in our private group. 

☽ Magic is liberated

as you experience firsthand the power of the moon cycles, the eclipses, and the divine teachings within the stars and within yourself. 

☽ Power is claimed

as we join forces with our highest selves and one another, and choose to crown ourselves each day with the gift of presence, wonder, and mystery. 

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i'm calling in the starry eyed ones, the free spirits who live by their souls. 

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When I began practicing the sacred art of astrology in my daily life, things started to shift radically. I found a rhythm that honored my mind, body, and soul. I explored parts of myself that I never even knew existed and released painful feelings and thought patterns that were keeping me in a state of fear and smallness.  

As I journeyed through the seasons and into my deep self, I liberated myself. I became exalted. 


the exalted sistar:
a woman consciously choosing to wield her inner cosmic power to manifest a life & business that honors her soul. 

You know you are ready for something deeper. It's time to add some cosmic tools to your sacred medicine bag. 


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Through the Exalted Sistar Inner Circle, you will:

1. Deepen and expand your healing gifts through cosmic consciousness. 

2. Practice ancient rituals of connecting to the divine feminine within yourself, within in a circle of loving sistars, giving you access to deep intuition, courage, and wisdom for making choices that align with your soul.

3. Synchronize with the pulse of the Universe and experience what cosmic flow, a state of oneness with your soul truth and the intentions of the Universe, feels like in 5D: wealth, health, joy, and purpose.

What's Included:

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for driven and ready to rise entrepreneurs consciously wielding their cosmic powers to build a lucrative business you adore.


(Special founding members rate expires 10/31/17)
-you'll will be automatically billed monthly- cancel anytime -

✥ Monthly sacred workshop (see schedule below) recorded and available to you on the membership private website. 

✥ Monthly Business Flow live Training to exalt your business with radical 5D branding, holistic strategy, sacred sales, new age marketing, and noble mindset! 

✥ Exclusive New + Full Moon business horoscopes with soulful action steps

✥ New Moon intention setting sistar circle (live via zoom) 

✥ Handmade herb/crystal gift mailed to you once per season (3 month membership minimum)

✥ Secret Facebook group just for us: ask questions, get support, share your stories 

Special Bonus: a gorgeous Goddess Birthchart reading illuminating the goddess energies within you by Daphna emailed to you as a PDF (limited to first 10 members) 

Reminder: Special low founding rates will expire at midnight on 10/30/2017!

The Exalted Entrepreneur membership will increase to $147/month, but if you sign up before 10/31/2017 you will lock in the lowest rate for the FULL YEAR! 

Workshop Schedule: (subject to change)

exalted sistars workshop schedule 17-18

Workshops are based on the cosmic energies of each month and are designed to activate your inner witch, celebrate your inner goddess, and materialize your inner dreamscape.

Download the tentative workshop schedule below for a sneak peek into what this way comes...! 


Q: Who is the starseed membership for? 
A: The starseed membership is perfect for any woman who is seeking to connect with other likeminded, soulful sistars to establish a rhythm of living in tune - with the moon and stars, the seasons and cycles of nature, and our own inner nature as wise women. 

Q: Do I need to be a business owner already to join as an Exalted Entrepreneur Member? 
A: This option is ideal for anyone who is on their entrepreneurial journey, from a beginner to a seasoned entrepreneur. You'll learn things that aren't being talked about anywhere else and will have the support, accountability, and strategy to design a business that honors your soul. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy? 
A: You are free to cancel your membership at any time, and cancellation will take effect the following billing cycle. In order to receive the handmade herb/crystal gift via snail mail, a minimum of 3 months membership is required. 

Q: How do I access the membership and the workshops? 
A: You will receive a link via email after payment with your private membership log-in. You'll create an account and password and that is where all the monthly workshops, bonus gifts, and the starry eyed herbalist magazine will be hosted. You'll receive an email invite to the New/Full Moon rituals via Zoom. 

Q: Can I join anytime? 
A: Yes, the membership is rolling and you can join at anytime. Now is the best time to join because you will be locking in the lowest rate for founding members ($47 for starseeds and $77 for entrepreneurs) for the entire year. The rates will increase to $97 and $147 respectively after 10/31/2017. 

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I'm soooooooo freaking excited to begin on the New Moon in Libra (October 19, 2017) where we will hold our first live sistar circle to set intentions for the month! After payment, you'll receive an email from me with further instructions and access to the membership area!