Zodiac Herb Gardening

astrological herb gardening.png

Spring is just around the bend and we are in garden planning mode here! 


Have you ever dreamed of your own magical herb garden where fairies dwell and the scents and sights of mother nature delight your senses each day? 


To partake in the life cycle of plants is the most healing thing I've ever experienced, and astrological gardening is an ancient method of planting and harvesting in tune with the cosmic cycle of the moon. 


This enables us to co-create and witness the divine magic of the life cycle, as we plant the tiny seeds in the moist fertile ground, and behold how the forces of nature, the stars, the moon, and Spirit, all guide the plantling along its journey through flowering and seeding. 


Even if you've never gardened before, you can readily learn how to plan and plant your own organic astrological healing herbal garden for beauty, health, and connection to the Earth. 


This comprehensive workshop teaches the basics of herb gardening, biodynamic gardening, and the plant-planet correspondences so you can make your own beautiful zodiac herb garden no matter where you live. 


Only $33. Start planning today. 

Daphna Romanoff