How to Stay on Track in your Business during Mercury Retrograde

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One of the most well-known phenomenons of astrology is the "dreaded" Mercury retrograde. It's referred to as a time when you shouldn't buy anything new, do anything new, or make any drastic moves. 

For something that occurs 3x a year at 3 weeks each time, that's a hell of a lot of time for not doing anything new or major, especially as an online business owner. 

Are we supposed to just hide under a rock until Mercury stations direct, letting potential business deals and opportunities slide through our hands?

Of course not. 

We have all experienced the horror of a webinar crashing, emails sent out with dead or wrong links, or missed meetings because the calendar seemed to have a mind of its own - all during that tricky Mercury Rx.

So yes, it is real (this woman literally bought a hamburger for $75 during the Mercury Rx and there is a website dedicated solely to informing you if the messenger planet is currently retrograde or not) and yes it is wise to adapt to it as an online business owner. 

That said, the answer is not hiding under a rock or not sending out any emails to your list for 3 straight weeks.

The key is becoming aware of what the Mercury retrograde actually is, and then aligning with the energetic flow rather than trying to pit yourself and your business against it. 

Follow these tips and you'll be ten steps ahead of the game. 


In astrological terms, a retrograde planet is like the planet's normal vibrations on speed. Mercury rules communications, travel, and the exchange of ideas and information. When it is retrograde (it appears to be moving backwards from our earthly perspective, but I will spare you the technical details), all of this is sped up and intensified. 

It's like the superhighway of information is in a gridlock traffic situation because there are so many cars on the road. The airwaves are overbrimming with information and we are caught up in the middle of it all. 

Our natural reaction to this intensified energy is usually to go into panic mode and then try to keep up with it all. It's like ultimate FOMO with communication.

We end up spewing out things we really should not have said, sending out texts and emails we will regret the next morning, and generally engaging in communication that is ungrounded and faulty. Kind of like my three year old. 

We throw out messages that are underdeveloped, hoping they'll stick. But 99% of the time with the Mercury Rx, they won't. 

Which is exactly why all those dreaded miscommunications happen. 


  • August 12 - September 5, 2017 
  • December 3 - December 22, 2017
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As business owners navigating the world wide web, we are particularly effected by the Mercury retrograde. 

We ourselves also might feel the urge and the need to keep up with all the fast moving information. It pulls at our entrepreneurial heart strings. We don't want to miss a beat. 

That leads to us speaking before thinking, rushing through ideas and putting out information before it's time, which is never wise.

Add in the retrograde function of speeding everything up and you have a recipe for disaster.  


  • Watch out for communication FOMO. Don't worry so much about keeping up with the fast pace you feel all around you. Take this time to ground yourself in your own center of power

  • Watch out for miscommunications and misinterpretations of your words from others. Also be aware that you might be reading through others' words too hastily, so take a step back and allow yourself time to process the information thoroughly before responding. 
  • Watch out for jumping to conclusions. Don't commit to anything major or new without first looking into all the details in depth. We normally do this, but during the retrograde there is that pull to move quickly and desperately try not fall off the band wagon. Remember, you can choose to take the more scenic (and strategic) route. 


Focus on reviewing what is already in place in your business rather than exerting energy on new endeavors.

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You can of course initiate new projects, but it will literally take double the effort to make sure your message is received the way you intend, and also there is a high risk of it flopping due to the overwhelming amount of information being processed by your clients during this time. 

Focus on tasks related to RE-centering your business' messaging and communications strategy:

  • Review your content and your brand voice. Is it in alignment, clear, and boldly portraying your unique message?
  • Reconnect with your mission. Are your messages truly honoring that mission?
  • Revise your business plan. What has evolved and how can you release what is no longer true to your vision?
  • Remodel your website. Is there a flow that leads your reader where you want them to go? Is the structure working for you?
  • Reorganize your systems or get them in place. Are you wasting valuable time and energy on things that can be automated?
  • Replenish yourself. Are you nourishing yourself daily and speaking from a place of strength and well-being?

The purpose is for us to refine our own communication skills and our messaging. A few times a year the Universe provides us with a chance to do just that. 

This is a wonderful time to uncover what needs to be fixed, so if/when things do go haywire, trace them back to their source and correct the problem at its root. 

For example, if someone verbally attacks you over the next 3 weeks (during the Mercury retrograde), take a step back and analyze WHY that happened. If you are honest with yourself and your business model, you may find the point where you yourself were unclear in your messaging with your client. 

You can correct that point and prevent future miscommunications, saving yourself frustration and time in the long run. 

Now, that is a wise business woman in the new age. 


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Daphna Romanoff