How to Stay on Track in your Business during Mercury Retrograde

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July 26, 2018 (EST) at 23° Leo through August 19th 2018

November 16, 2018 at 13° Sagittarius through December 6, 2018

This post has been updated as of July 25, 2018

One of the most well-known phenomenons of astrology is the "dreaded" Mercury retrograde. It's been dubbed as a time when one shouldn't buy anything new, do anything new, or make any drastic moves. 

For something that occurs 3 times a year at about 3 weeks each time, that's a lot of time for not doing anything new or major, especially as an online business owner!

Are we supposed to just hide under a rock until Mercury stations direct, letting potential business deals and opportunities slide through our hands?

Of course not. 

We have all experienced the horror of a webinar crashing, emails sent out with dead or wrong links, or missed meetings because the calendar seemed to have a mind of its own - all during that tricky Mercury Retrograde.

We can even start to pick up on it before it's officially retrograde (there is a "shadow period" beforehand that basically foreshadows the quality of the upcoming retrograde) and many people have begun instinctively asking, "is Mercury retrograde?"

The strategy is not hiding under a rock or not sending out any emails to your list for 3 straight weeks.

Instead, by becoming aware of what Mercury retrograde actually is, and then aligning with the energetic flow rather than going into it unprepared - you can actually make the retrograde work for you and your business.

Think of it as dressing appropriately for an occasion or eating seasonally. You can gain a lot of benefits by tuning into the astrological weather of each day.


Mercury rules communications, travel, and the exchange of ideas and information. When it stations retrograde (it appears to be moving backwards from our earthly perspective after it passes the Earth in speed), the normal flow of Mercury-ruled activity is temporarily altered. 

Instead of communications, travel, and clarity of mind flowing as usual, what manifests is a temporary period of suspended or reversed left brain processes. 

We drop out of our day to day communication routines and take on a more internal, subjective approach to how we think, how we speak, and how we interpret information. 

It's like switching from FM to AM radio waves for a few weeks, or from the left brain (logical, rational, or analytic) to the right (creative, conceptual, subjective).

Communication becomes less direct, and we need the space and time to interpret things more internally than normal. That is because we are all functioning on a more subconscious level at this time. 

Individuals born during Mercury Retrograde are actually often gifted with enhanced artistic and creative abilities, as well as a more introverted learning style. They understand things differently. 

So now you can understand why all those dreaded miscommunications happen during the retrograde. Most people do not actually realize that Mercury is retrograde, so they try to do things and take actions that would normally work, because they are expecting the communication process to be functioning normally. 

During the retrograde, it is wise to align with the more subconscious, creative, and internally oriented flow of energy when it comes to all things communications and sending/receiving messages to the outside world. 

The beauty of the Mercury retrograde is we get a few chances each year to get out of our heads and into our minds more. What's the difference? The head is all about making sense of things, linear thinking, and interpreting stimuli rationally based on the facts we are each aware of. 

The mind is less defined. It is the space in which we can go deeper within to process information on a more intuitive, creative level. An approach to exchanging information that is a little more open-ended and interpretive. 


July 26, 2018 (EST) at 23° Leo through August 19th 2018

November 16, 2018 at 13° Sagittarius through December 6, 2018

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  • Watch out for communication FOMO. Don't worry so much about keeping up with the fast pace you feel all around you. Take this time to ground yourself in your own center of power. Slow down and allow yourself to process information in whatever way feels right to you. 

  • Watch out for miscommunications and misinterpretations of your words from others. If you are practicing conscious language at this time, this will likely be minimized.

  • Watch out for jumping to conclusions. Don't commit to anything major or new without first looking into all the details in depth.

  • Watch out for opportunities to change how you think and see things. See this as a portal through which you can really expand your mind, your language, and how you interpret facts and messages and beam out information into the world.


Focus on reviewing what is already in place in your business rather than exerting energy on new endeavors. It is more strategic at this time to review what is in place in terms of your communications systems, messaging, networking, writing, marketing content, and how you are thinking about your business altogether. 

Focus on tasks related to RE-centering your business' messaging and communications strategy:

  • Review your content and your brand voice. Is it in alignment, clear, and boldly portraying your unique message?

  • Reconnect with your mission. Are your messages truly honoring that mission?

  • Revise your business plan. What has evolved and how can you release what is no longer true to your vision?

  • Remodel your website. Is there a flow that leads your reader where you want them to go? Is the structure working for you?

  • Reorganize your systems or get them in place. Are you wasting valuable time and energy on things that can be automated?

  • Replenish yourself. Are you nourishing yourself daily and speaking from a place of strength and well-being?

  • Back up your internal and external hard drive: what needs to be deleted to free up space in your head and on your computer?


The purpose is for us to refine our own communication skills and our messaging. A few times a year the Universe provides us with a chance to do just that. 

This is a wonderful time to uncover what needs to be fixed, so if/when things do go haywire, trace them back to their source and correct the problem at its root. 

For example, if someone verbally attacks you over the next 3 weeks (during the Mercury retrograde), take a step back and analyze WHY that happened. If you are honest with yourself and your business model, you may find the point where you yourself were unclear in your messaging with your client. 

You can correct that point and prevent future miscommunications, saving yourself frustration and time in the long run. 

Now, that is a wise business woman in the new age. 


Daphna Simone is an energetic business breakthrough catalyst who specializes in empowering forward thinking entrepreneurs to create outstanding success in the businesses their souls came here to share with the world.

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