Full Moon in Taurus 2017 Report for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

taurus full moon business reading

Tonight’s Taurus Full Moon (12 degrees Taurus) reminds us to ground ourselves in the strong arms of the great earth mother. To love up on her mind body and soul. To restore the Feminine to a place of value.

As business owners, we are in a position of leadership. We are now called upon to restore the balance to the Divine Feminine in business. What does that mean?

Business is exchanging energy. Energy is assigned monetary value based on what we as a society deem is worthy and valuable.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that people often expect me to work for free just because I’m dealing with intuition and energy work that society at large does not value.

Would those people ask a doctor to give them a free checkup? Or a lawyer to give free legal advice?

These are often subconscious beliefs that even us female entrepreneurs, who are consciously working to liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs and societal conditioning, perpetuate. On ourselves and others. Because we function within the dominant culture and the patriarchy is alive and kicking. Things are beginning to shift but we have to stay awake.

This goes back to how we as a society still grossly under-value anything that is feminine energetically- naturally nurturing, intuitively powered, and not necessarily able to be scientifically proven or broken down into measurable parts.

Taurus comes and asks: Are we valuing our earth mother? Or are we spitting in the well we drink from? How we do one thing is how we do everything. If we dishonor our Mother Earth, we are also likely dishonoring the feminine energy within ourselves and others: working for free, doubting our worth, utilizing patriarchal sales tactics, undervaluing our own sistars.

I can't tell you how many free posts I have shared on FB, Insta, my blog, etc. and maybe out of 100 comments, 5 people said thank you. Or how many groups I have gone into to share my offerings with humility and sincerity, to be reprimanded and publicly shamed for not following the rules (of course rules need to be respected, but so do human beings - yes, even online!) Subtle echoes of the patriarchy. Take what you want and leave.

And yet, it seems to be the prevailing culture of the online sales space. I'm not here to shame anyone - but just to talk about these things safely as they are what I have been thinking about.

We can each vow to practice business that is conscious of and respectful of our beautiful planet earth, ruler of the sign of Taurus (traditionally, Taurus is ruled by Venus, but some astrologers say that Taurus is ruled by our Earth!) and in turn, values EQUALLY the offerings and hard work that are birthed through the feminine.

With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio over the past few weeks, the cosmos have been exposing us to the harmful side effects of valuing only the bottom line in business: sexual crimes, corporate greed that leads to the destruction of our very own home planet, and more painful realities.

The full moon is always directly opposite the sun, urging us to balance the seemingly opposite signs they occupy. However we also know they are two sides of the very same coin. Taurus wants us to fully embody the physical earthly plane - to be rich, well fed, and deeply nourished by mother nature, while Scorpio pushes us deep into the great mystery - to incessantly seek truth and deeper meaning behind our earthly experiences.

In essence, we need both to live a full life and a business that’s both lucrative and also a positive changemaking force in the world. This is a Cosmic CTA to shed light on our collective and individual expressions of Taurus + Scorpio: how we make money, what we value, and what the greater implications of those values are. Really looking deeply at what our actions reveal about our values. How we reinforce the values of society. How we challenge them.

We have the POWER to shift the status quo of business as we know it. The saying business as usual is of the patriarchy.

How about:

Business as magical. 
Business as collective liberation. 
Business as planetary healing. 
Business as ascension. 
Business as female empowerment.

We are the business womyn of the new age. We get to rewrite the script.

What will yours be?