Weekly Cosmic CTA for conscious entrepreneurs: the quest for Truth!


Workweek of November 6-10th, 2017

Check out this week's cosmic CTA (call to action) for conscious entrepreneurs. 


*One little correction: the Moon will move into Leo on Thursday morning - not Friday :) 


Mercury, planet of thoughts, communication, intellect, and ideas has moved into Sagittarius, the truth-seeking sage, where it will hang out until January 11th, 2018 (Mercury will go retrograde on December 3, 2017 through December 22, 2017. Be prepared!

This is an exciting opening for you as an entrepeneur on a mission. A powerful vortex is open for you to gain clarity and insight into your brand's highest truth. You are also being given an extra measure of power in the realm of thoughts and speech. 

We know that we create our own reality through the thoughts we think, the energy we vibrate. The old magical incantation "abra cadabra" comes from Hebrew and means "I create as I speak." Our very words are the tools we use to carve out our reality. Being in the online sphere, we are dealing with words and information. You have the power to choose words and topics that will open up new doorways for yourself and your clients. 

You will also enjoy a heightened sense of intuition and insights from your higher mind. Be open to exploring new topics and gleaning wisdom from all around. Trust that you are being guided. You will find that your fingers are being divinely guided to type out the words you have been seeking for what feels like ages. Let it happen - don't overcomplicate it! 

Cosmic CTA: cultivate your brand's truth. What does your business stand for? What does it not stand for? What is your brand's core message that you are here to share with the world? This is something only you can find for yourself, within yourself.  

Venus, planet of values, relationships, harmony, and beauty will be moving into Scorpio, the sign of the witch/alchemist, on Tuesday November 7th. She'll dwell here until December 1, 2017. 

Venus deals with your business' values, finances, and also your social partnerships. It's all about coming together to create a beautiful experience, utilizing all the physical trappings available to you to delight the senses and generate harmony. 

With Venus now in Scorpio, the sign of the witch, you are being asked to look deeper into the guts of your business' values and partnerships. Are these values serving your higher purpose? Are you hiding anything in the closet that is blocking the flow of abundance into your business - particularly relating to your values system? 

This is the time to dust off your heart chakra. To bring in some fresh flower energy and birth a brand that's deep and beautiful. That's sacred. 

Cosmic CTA: deepen your brand/business' values. Are you clear on what your brand's values are? Are they coming from your own depths or are they false values that you have taken on from society? The more you consciously align with your true values, the more you'll attract your real deal soul mate clients. 


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Daphna Romanoff