Brand Chaos™ Case Study: Sacred Children's Healer Carrie Antoniou

Brand chaosCarrie is totally an ideal client of mine - she is an energy healer for sensitive children and her mission is to educate and empower mothers of sensitive kids - and I love working with women who are here t (1).png

Carrie is totally an It Girl client of mine - she is an energy healer for sensitive children and her mission is to educate and empower mothers of sensitive kids - and I love working with women who are here to shift the paradigms and usher in the New Age.

So when she approached me to inject some soul and multidimensional magic into her brand, I was beyond excited to dive in. 

The challenge:

  • Carrie felt that her brand wasn't a true representation of all that she felt her business means to her.
  • She did not want to hire an expensive designer to redo her entire website and funnel she'd invested so much into already, but was looking for solutions to include more soul and meaning into her branding.

When I looked at her website at the time, I understood immediately why Carrie felt the way she did. Her website was pretty but did not make a strong enough statement visually or energetically through her copy and content about how powerful and life changing her services truly are. She was hiding behind a very safe, generic looking website and I knew her inner truth was just bursting to shine through. 

Because I am all about radical branding on a cellular level, and I know that the exterior appearance of a brand is only as strong as the energy and the mission behind it, we set out to uproot the limiting beliefs and blockages that were keeping Carrie from showing up fully as a healer and energy worker and to awaken her soul couture brand from the inside out.

Here's how it went down

Step 1: Illuminating Carrie's brand truth through Astrological Archetype Mapping 

Carrie's birth chart clearly shows that she was born to be a healer. 100% no doubt about it. The dominant energies on her chart all pointed to her soul's mission of being a nurturer and caretaker for the sensitive and misunderstood children of the world, specifically through the medium of Earth based healing. 

She is also here to specifically help others to heal through the very challenges she herself experienced as a highly sensitive child growing up in an environment that was not aware of her needs. After years of imposter syndrome, the reading finally validated and confirmed that her calling was her truth. 

The astrological archetype reading helped Carrie to finally take on the title of Healer, which for a long time she felt she was unable to claim for herself because she feared that people who did not understand her work wouldn't take her seriously. She avoided using the words "sacred healer" in her website and copy, although deep down that's what she knew she was. I was so excited when she chose that title out of the list we came up with! 

Now she fully claims her title and has updated all of her copy to reflect her true calling so that the mothers and children who need her are able to identify her without a doubt. The shift was immediate and I watched her blossom into her true calling as a sacred children's healer the moment she changed her title on her website. Everything else followed after that. 

Step 2: Unleashing Carrie's Brand Chaos™ 

After mapping out Carrie's astrological archetypes, we dove into the elements of her brand that needed to be shaken up and released from past limiting beliefs. Carrie recognized that her fear of being judged by those who don't accept the validity of intuitive energy healing had to be released. She also recognized that she needed to do deeper healing within herself to be able to relate to her ideal clients on a vibrational level. 

This was a breakthrough for her because before we met, her ideal client was still fuzzy and somewhat out of reach to her. There was a blockage. Now she began to understand that her ideal clients are not just the sensitive children she is meant to heal, but their mothers as well.

This helped Carrie to fine tune her message and to begin speaking directly to Mothers of sensitive children in ways she wasn't able to before. She went on to develop her own online course called "Modern Medicine Mother," which will be launching this year, and shares the most beautiful and empowering information for mothers of sensitive kids in her Facebook group every day (with gorgeous visuals to boot). 

Step 3: Visuals + Vibe Revamp 

Carrie knew that she wanted to keep the dreamcatcher as her logo, but wanted a more colorful and flowing version than what she had designed for her in the past. We found the perfect illustration of a light blue and gold dreamcatcher and chose to take one of the feathers out to use as an alternative logo on her social media photos.

We created a Pinterest board where we both added on-brand images and chose her new colors based on the dominant Goddess archetypes in her birth chart - warm golds, greens, and browns. We echoed the dreamcatcher pattern through golden mandalas that Carrie has always loved, which gives her visuals a signature style that resonates with her and her ideal clients on many levels. 


When I was pinning images for her brand board, I chose to pin some owls and later found out that Carrie has always had a strong connection to them. The owl became a part of her branding because of its symbolism in mythology and folklore and its personal connection for Carrie in her own life journey. I love when these types of synchronistic events happen - it lets me know that we are on the right track and that I am truly tuning into my clients' energy and soul.   

Carrie knew that she wanted her brand to feel serene, earthy, and polished. She wanted to be able to reach mothers who might not yet be open to energy healing but have an interest in natural living and who like rustic chic decor. We knew based on her birth chart that her clients are seeking to expand their understanding of their children and themselves specifically through spirituality and alternative approaches such as mysticism and subconscious energy healing, so we wanted her brand visuals to evoke a mystical and intuitive, earthy vibe.

I chose stock photos of children with a bit of magic and wonder, through the warm lighting and pops of bright colors as well as natural scenery of mother Earth, lots of light and orbs. We chose rustic textures for the earth element. Once we chose her fonts based on her ideal client's tastes and the energy of her new brand, her style guide was complete. 


The Final Product

Carrie's brand has fully blossomed as she embraced her role as healer and honored her calling through a brand that she adores. 

 Copyright Carrie Antoniou

Copyright Carrie Antoniou


  • kickass, consistent brand visuals 
  • brand playbook that she took to her designer to implement the new brand on her website and funnel
  • keywords, hashtags, and brand voice guidelines for copy and content creation 
  • a banging new course and booking clients of her dreams (she sold her first high-end package soon after rebranding and went on to sell 9 more of them as of today!)

Carrie continues to create head turning content that attracts the mothers and children she loves to work with on a deep soul level. I really believe that the more Carrie shares her truth, the more her light shines brighter for these amazing sensitive children. Score! 

Carrie's Experience 


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