My Magical Daily Autumn Self-Care Rhythm

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Hello you bright beautiful box of universal cosmic love! Has anyone told you your aura is sparkling today?

Here I am in my cozy little home office, watching the golden leaves swirling around outside my window, my mug of cinnamon infused coffee nearby, and although it feels like it should be 10:00 AM, it's only 9:00 AM, and so I feel this sense of accomplishment all the time. I absolutely love Autumn.

And Winter.

And Spring.

And Summer.

And I kind of wish there were more seasons on our Earth (did you know Saturn's Northern region is changing color, maybe revealing that there are more seasons on that stunning planet than we knew of? So cool.) just so I could love them all.

Imagine what a 5th season would be like. In my mind, it would be a light-centered season where rainbows and prisms would appear all the time and sparkly crystals would blossom from the earth. What can I say, I have a lot of Neptune on my birth chart (the sign of imagination, insert unicorn emoji here). 

But even with just our four seasons there is so much beauty and wisdom to learn from each, it's enough for a dreamer like myself. I believe in living in tune with the seasons in order to suck the marrow out of this life (that's the only thing on my bucket list). 

You know what? I love the burst in consciousness surrounding self-care lately and I personally am a huge advocate of the practice.

You simply cannot start a revolution or change the world if you yourself are a hot mess, so self-care is the way to be the change you wish to see in the world. It's pretty self-explanatory, but still so neglected that people seem to be falling in love with it all over again.  

Since we at Cosmic Folk are all about living in tune with nature's rhythms, we like to practice self-care in the same way, adapting our rhythm to the current season's special quirks, whims, teachings, and beauty.

Self-care at our home looks quite different in the Winter than in the Summer, since each time of the year has its own flow and the energy is very different (or should be, in our humble opinion). 

The basic idea of self-care is always the same: we do what feels best to us and nourishes us, without paying too much attention to what works for someone else. We call it a rhythm rather than a routine because it's never set in stone, but rather a living, breathing, dynamic part of our lives that grows with us and our changing, evolving needs. 

However, my actual self-care practices differ from season to season and I want to share what my Autumnal self-care rhythm looks like as of right now, so as to provide a springboard for inspiration for crafting your own unique rhythm that nourishes you. 

Before you go on, you can download a full weekly self-care planning guide just for the Autumn. Print out a copy and take notes, get crazy with it! 

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Autumn: Its Teachings, Gifts, and Energy 

Autumn is a season of change - the bridge between Summer and Winter. This transitional energy is expressed in the folk name "Fall," alluding to the beautiful yearly cycle of the leaves falling off the deciduous trees during this season. 

During the autumn, we are preparing for the deep cold winter. All of nature's creatures are turning their attention inward and gathering food, energy, and life-force to sustain themselves over the harsh winter.

We are one with nature and naturally do this too at this time of year. We begin to turn our own energy inward, wearing warmer clothing and beginning to move away from the open, external activities of summertime.

We sense a change coming on and we naturally clean our homes, store away our summer clothes, and begin eating anything and everything pumpkin spice-related (guilty). 

Autumn is the season associated with the signs of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Libra ushers in the Autumn, Scorpio sustains it, and Sagittarius transitions us into the Winter. We can tune into the moon phases (lunations) of these signs for deeper work and healing in this season.

The beauty and healing of Autumn is in learning to let go. Just as the trees let their leaves go, we must learn to surrender parts of ourselves for our greater good. These can be limiting mindsets, fears, doubts, or security blankets that hold us back from evolution and growth.

If we can do so without holding back, then when the harsh winter sets in, we will be strong in our own roots and able to withstand the storms that would otherwise knock us down. 

My entire self-care rhythm for the season of Autumn is focused on this energy of learning to let go gracefully in order to make space for my personal evolution. 

My Daily Autumn Self-Care Rhythm


As soon as Autumn sets in, around the Equinox, I begin to wake up with the Sun and enjoy the bright, colorful sunrises that encourage me as we move away from the comforting hot light of summer. 

My morning ritual includes a 5 minute breath meditation, in which I sit in a spot that I have designated just for meditation and I surround with beautiful meaningful objects. Over time this space became associated with my morning practice, and I immediately enter the mindset when I enter it now.

I focus only on breath and clearing my mind and heart.

I get dressed according to my weather app, remembering the simple but profound adage that there are no such thing as bad weather days, only poorly planned clothing. Learning to dress in tune with (and not in denial of) the weather has been life changing for me! It allows me to experience the seasons fully and not dread them or miss out on each season's unique gifts just because I'm ill-prepared. 

I have my morning cup of coffee outside, even if it is cold, I will bundle up. I love noticing the subtle changes in the air from Summer to Winter, from warm and moist to cool, crisp, and dry. I listen to the different noises from the birds and notice the plants in our yard beginning to change. 

After my coffee, I take my journal and write down 5 intentions for my day, ranging from my business tasks, personal tasks, and any projects I want to do with my babies. I will also write down any inspiring thoughts that pop into my head during the morning. 

Then I eat breakfast, usually a nourishing Buddha bowl with brown rice or buckwheat and roasted vegetables, tahini and tamari, and some lightly steamed greens.

I get my babies dressed for the day, also dressing them appropriately for the weather (which of course is ever-changing in the Fall). We play outside and focus on Autumn inspired art projects such as leaf art and finding fallen pinecones or acorns. 


Throughout the day, I focus on learning to let go. I make a strong intentional effort not to get too attached to anything: a rule, a thought, an idea, an object, or a goal. If things don't go exactly as planned or wished, I try to go with the flow and adapt myself rather than get frustrated. This is after all, the lesson of Autumn.

I also like to include seasonal foods such as root vegetables, apples, persimmons, cauliflower, and blackberries, that grow during this time. These connect me to the local land's energy, which is always healing itself and living in alignment with the cycles of nature, and so makes me feel like I am as well. 

In the afternoon, when my children nap, I light a candle and make myself a cup of tea with herbs that strengthen the immune system in preparation for the Winter.

Building up immunity this way is vital during the Fall, for myself and my children. We make fire cider, elderberry syrup, pickled garlic, and candied ginger and eat these condiments with all of our meals. 

Soups are a mainstay in the Autumn, as well as one-pot meals that feature whole grains, root vegetables, and seaweeds. I loosely follow a macrobiotic diet and am leaning into Veganism, which I actually learned from my birth chart is the best diet for me. 

While the squirrels outside are gathering acorns and seeds to sustain themselves over Winter, I like to focus on gathering and harvesting light as my sustenance for the winter.

I used to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and am chronically low in Vitamin D, like many people on the East Coast. I make a daily practice of sun gazing (wearing aloe vera as a natural sunscreen) and inviting plenty of sunlight into the home. Sun gazing has many health benefits including boosting immunity, increasing serotonin and melatonin, and increasing energy levels. 

All day I make sure to invite plenty of natural light into our home, and some fresh air as well. 

Day's End

I try to get to bed early so that I can rise and harvest as much natural light as possible. 

I use candles and we light fires in our fire pit outside as well for harvesting light, and also I take in light in the form of positive thinking, finding inspiration, and collecting pieces of light through focusing on the positive all around me (and letting go of the negative, actively). 

Crystals that I use in the Autumn help with transition and with letting go. These are mainly metamorphic rocks and tertiary crystals such as malachite, opal, amber, and turquoise.

I wear these, make crystal grids, and decorate our home with these during the Autumn because they help us let go of attachments and old habits, again the teaching of Autumn. 

I like to use woodland essences during the Autumn because I love trees and this is their season. The ones that I use daily during the Autumn are Larch (helps release self-doubt) and White Cedar essence (protection, purifying, and releasing negativity). I like to take these whenever I need them rather than at a set time. 

In the evenings we eat around 4 p.m. and enjoy watching the blazing Autumnal sunsets. I often think about how Autumn helps us learn to cope with loss, the loss of the Summer's light - the entire season feels much like a sunset.

Autumn is indeed linked to the concept of death, think about how Halloween, which is the day when the veil between the spirit world is thinnest, is celebrated during this time of year. Now is the time to come face to face with death - not just physical, but any end, and ultimately seeing that beyond this door closing, a new one is opening. 

At the end of the day I am usually a lot more tired than I was in the Summer. The change of the clocks adds to this, when our days become so short we can barely believe it's only 7:30 when it feels like midnight.

We take it easy and take lots of herbal baths in the Autumn, and then go to bed early after reading in bed. We have a gorgeous amethyst near our bedside in order to promote dreams of truth and beauty. 

Copy of Copy of astrology (4).png


Throughout the months in Autumn we also live in tune with the moon cycles.

We are conscious daily of the moon's phase (waxing/waning, which zodiac sign it is in) and we take this all into consideration when planning our day. We are Jewish and so we celebrate the New moon each month (the Jewish calendar is Lunar) and we do internal healing work based on that month's zodiac sign, with a little festive meal at home to honor and celebrate the new month. 

These are some of the pieces of my Autumnal self-care rituals. As the season progresses, I naturally increase those things that help me live more in tune with what is happening in nature. For example, I will make sure to get to sleep earlier so I can rise earlier, or I'll eat the seasonal produce as it changes as well.

I don't follow any rule books, I only pay close attention to nature's cues and my own body's needs. 

I really enjoy planning my week based on the inherent natural energy of each weekday. Each weekday is associated with a planet, and we can use that energy to create a truly balanced week of beauty, creativity, hard work, and activity.

That's why I made this special list of 35 Autumn based self-care activities for you. I listed 5 unique, practical ideas for nourishing self-care activities for each week day based on that day's energy. Monday is linked the moon, so we focus on emotional balance and feminine energy. Tuesday is linked to Mars, a day for physical work and goal setting. 

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Use these ideas as a springboard for your own rhythm that works for you, in your life, at this time. I hope you'll pick and choose those activities and ideas that vibe with you, that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit, and that will honor your unique energy above all. 

>>Tell us: What are you going to do to make your daily self-care routine more seasonally-conscious?

Share in a comment below!