Astrology for Entrepreneurs: How to be your most productive self


Astrology is the language of the stars, and that language contains valuable keys to unlocking the potential within everything: yourself, your relationships, and absolutely yes - your business.


There are dizzying numbers of apps and tips for being more productive, but my issue with most apps is they don't take YOUR unique nature, style, and energy into account. Enter: astrology

The beauty of astrology is that it puts you at the center. It allows you to understand your innate gifts, talents, challenges, and modus operandi and when practiced responsibly empowers you to show up fully as no one less than or other than yourself. 

When you look at your astrological birth chart (an image showing a cross-section of the cosmos at the time you were born, that reveals the universal energetic patterns ever-present within yourself) you see that you are so much more than just your sun sign. You have layer upon layer of intricacies that make you uniquely you. Exit: competition. 

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The key to productivity is knowing your strengths and strategically channelling them into practical action.

The moment you fully embrace who you truly are, you can start working WITH your natural energies rather than losing your mind on the daily trying to do things that work for other boss babes, but not really for you. 

<<Before we go on, if you don't have your birth chart yet, watch this quick tutorial on how to get yours for free from my favorite source,>>


Here are some beginner-friendly ways to tap into your astrological bank of abundance for boosting your productivity:

1. Your Rising Sign (Ascendant)

Once you've found out what your rising sign is, you can begin to explore the "way" of that sign, how it best functions, what that sign needs in order to succeed, and how to take full advantage of your rising sign's potential for productivity. 

How to use your Rising Sign to dominate your to-do list every day 

Design your business and your daily routine around who you are - not the other way around! The more you get to know your rising sign, the more you will be able to honor yourself. This is the key to productivity! 

For example, my rising sign is Cancer. I know that Cancer needs to feel nurtured and to nurture others. Cancer can also be moody, so I make sure to give myself a lot of extra space and time for self-care and I only book appointments or business couture readings with clients during times of day that I am naturally calm and centered. (Check out my workshop about how to track your energy through the moon). 

2. The Sign on your Sixth House cusp

The Sixth house on your birth chart elucidates HOW you work, serve, and your ideal working conditions. Every time you'd open the door to the sixth house there'd be a Rihanna party and everyone would be rocking tight buns, wearing yoga pants, and typewriting while cleaning the floors in heels. And of course, totally killin' it. 

Look at the sign that's on the Cusp of your sixth house - that means, the sign of the zodiac where the sixth house begins on YOUR chart. This sign reveals how you get work done best, how you are most dutiful, efficient, and yup - productive. It's no coincidence that Beyoncé, one of the most successful and productive people on the planet, is a Virgo, the sign that naturally rules the sixth house!  

How to work with your sixth house cusp sign

Find the sign that is on the cusp of your sixth house and learn the energy and style of that sign, then creatively think of ways to embrace your inherent approach to work.  Be true to yourself and your productivity will unfailingly skyrocket. You can also check out any planets in the sixth house for more insight into your ideal working setting. 

3. Saturn's forte

My final tip for boosting productivity through astrology is good old Saturn. Saturn on your chart is where structure comes naturally to you. Productivity flows from a perfect balance of creative flow and this self-sustaining structure.

Find the planet Saturn on your birth chart: What sign and house is it in?

We all have the Planet Saturn on our birth chart - which is the symbol for how we take responsibility, structure, and limit ourselves. Where it is on your chart reveals how that message is expressed through you. 

How to channel Saturn to get organized + motivated

Look at your Saturn placement to find clues as to how you naturally self-organize. Saturn also teaches us how to manage time, so take notes! The key to Saturn is cooperation: the more we try to evade him, the more he pressures us (have you experienced a Saturn return?!). 

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  • Look at your rising sign (ascendant) for insight into how you best go about your daily tasks, your modus operandi, and then be sure to honor that energy throughout your day including how you manage your time, your schedule and routine, and how you tackle your to-do list.

  • Look at the sign on the cusp of your sixth house for insight as to how you do your best work, and refer to that sign's energy for creating the most conducive environment for productivity: your office's vibe, your needs and style at work, how you practice self-care throughout your work day. This will also help you own your talents and strengths so you can focus on what you are damn good at and delegate things that are out of your zone of genius to others.

  • Look at the house and sign position of Saturn for how to build self-sustaining structure in your biz for maximum productivity and creativity. Saturn will show you not only where you are most disciplined and responsible, but also how you are most able to get the job done.

Your Chart, Your Truth

Now that you have some starting points for increasing your productivity sustainably and organically through self-knowledge, you can approach your birth chart from the standpoint of "how can I tap into these inherent strengths to make things work for me?"

Honestly, I could talk about this all day, but I know you've got a business to run! 

To learn more about what your chart can illuminate about your ideal client, niche, your highest calling, your branding, your strategy for success and more to build a successful business that honors your soul, book a Business Couture Reading with me:


Daphna Romanoff