How to captivate your audience using astrological branding

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Branding is one of the most powerful and elusive elements of marketing, a tool that many entrepreneurs don't fully nurture to its greatest potential. In this day and age, radical, multidimensional branding is the key to captivating your audience on a deep psychic level, and astrological archetypes are a strategic way to align your brand with your soul’s sacred mission. 

Astrological archetypal branding, or your Brand Starchetype™, is the intentional use of the 12 zodiacal archetypes for brand identity design. Branding is so much more than just a logo and a website: it’s about the deeper energetic messages and feelings that are evoked through the use of universal symbols, colors, and language to create a meaningful experience for your audience.

Branding with the astrological archetypes is a fun and powerful way to connect your brand to the zeitgeist and to channel a specific vibe through your brand. Many mainstream companies such as Starbucks, Dodge Ram, and Apple have successfully tapped into the astrological archetypes to create an intentional, evocative experience for their customers, making their brands industry leaders within their respective niches. 

You too can tap into the astrological archetypes for crafting a brand of substance, even if you know nothing about astrology! Think about the energy that you want to evoke through your content, your imagery, and your whole brand vibe and choose the archetypes that align with your intentions. To make it even more personalized and unique, you can base your branding off your own birth chart too!

For inspiration and more insights into the energy and aesthetic of each archetype, check out my Pinterest page! 

Below are the basic energies of the Astrological Archetypes and how you can channel them into your own brand, no matter what your business is: 



Archetype: The Warrior or Heroine

Pantone colors: Poppy red, Flame scarlet

Brand energy: fierce, independent, and empowering. 


Archetype: The Nymph or Earth Goddess

Pantone colors: Eden, Juniper

Brand energy: grounding, nourishing, beauty, eco-conscious.


Archetype: The Trickster or Messenger

Pantone colors: Cyber yellow, Buttercup

Brand energy: fast-paced, curious, informative.


Archetype: The Divine feminine or the Mother

Pantone colors: Cloud dancer, Star

Brand energy: nurturing, intuitive, rhythmic, caring.


Archetype: The Queen or the Star

Pantone colors: Exuberance, Dragon Fire

Brand energy: leadership, passionate, playful, self-love. 


Archetype: The Maiden or the Innocent

Pantone colors: Henna, Rosewood

Brand energy: pure, healing, attentive, service-based.


Archetype: The Lover

Pantone colors: Angel falls, Powder blue

Brand energy: harmonious, graceful, artistic, glamorous. 


Archetype: The Witch

Pantone colors: Caviar, Meteorite

Brand energy: mysterious, enchanting, intense, sexy.


Archetype: The Explorer

Pantone colors: Purple magic, Knockout pink

Brand energy: inspiring, expansive, entertaining, free spirited. 


Archetype: The Creator

Pantone colors: Moonless night, Jet black

Brand energy: traditional, exclusive, high-brow. 


Archetype: The Rebel

Pantone colors: Cockatoo, Electric green

Brand energy: free thinking, transcendent, bohemian, radical. 


Archetype: The Magician

Pantone colors: Bleached aqua, Surf spray

Brand energy: psychic, healing, dreamy, romantic, otherworldly.

The more you express your unique style through your branding along with the strategic use of the astrological archetypes, the more your brand will captivate and entice your audience on a deep soul level. Ready to find out what your brand's starchetypes are?! Check out Focus Pocus, my 6 week sacred business course to learn how to create a power brand from your soul.

Which aligns with your brand's mission and vision?

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